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Tired of being just a PoS man? Turn your shop into a bank!

Become the banker of your community, provide attractive financial services and earn commissions in the process!

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The average Topos agent earns up to ₦50,000
per week in commissions!

See how much you could earn with Topos here.

The most secure banking tech works on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop

Open accounts for
your customers
Perform cash-in & cash-out
transactions for your customers
Approve, disburse and collect loans
Become the banker of
your community

We make our agents bankers

As the banker of your community you build trust among your customers, service their needs and help them thrive

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The banker of your community

Topos enables existing cash-handling agents to offer new services in a secure and profitable way, getting fair banking to where there is none

Empower daily banking
Digitize your community's finances
Mitigate community risks

What do you need to
become a Topos agent?

Which KYC documents do you need to become a Topos agent?

Agent how-to's


How do I become a TOPOS Agent?
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Can I proceed with registration if I do not have the CAC document?
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When will my account be activated?
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Is there a limit on the maximum transaction amount for an agent?
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How do I receive my commission or earnings?
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Does Topos supply me with a POS device?
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How do I open an account for a customer?
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