Your bank
for good

A last mile banking infrastructure to foster financial inclusion worldwide. Anywhere, for everyone, for the right purpose.

Topos brings banking anywhere

A global network of agents brings banking where there is none. Saving accounts, remittances, microloans and cash withdrawals are now available everywhere in the world, even the most remote places. Topos technology runs in the background to make sure the system is equitable and always solvent.
Our Deposits are fully insured
Agents already in our network

Topos brings banking to everyone

Access to banking should be granted to everyone.
By combining a robust banking technology with a physical network of agents, Topos caters financial services to the
heart of local communities. Communities can now build
their own banks, lifting the barriers to financial services
for those who have been so far excluded.


Safe and borderless accounts that pay interest


Sending money inside the Topos network is free, no forex or hidden fees


Invest together with people you trust and with full control over your money

For the right purpose

Either you need some cash advance to take your business off the ground or invest in the future of your community, access to credit should be easier. At Topos, we removed the complexity of taking out a loan by making the process social, because purpose matters more than credit score.

Topos International Limited is licensed via partnership with VFD Microfinance Bank.