About us

Our goal is to make fair banking accessible to every person in Nigeria

Topos empowers local under- or unbanked communities by building the financial rails to store, manage, and use their wealth for a better future

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Financial inclusion in Nigeria

Digital banking against inequality

Only 25% of Nigerians has access to some form of basic banking services, which exacerbates the inequalities in the country.

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Remittances are not enough

Over $20b per year in remittances provide some immediate relief, yet they are not financially inclusive, not monetizable and not sustainable for a long term growth

Topos breaks the vicious cycle

A vicious circle trapping the biggest chunk of the population and the value they produce, trade and manage. To this day, no other company provides an end-to-end solution equivalent to Topos’ proposition

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What we do

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Topos brings an unprecedented utility tailored on the customer’s necessities where it is most needed

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Topos makes state-of-the-art, cloud-hosted banking technology accessible from everywhere

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Topos markets transparent and secure services and products at a fair price, so that every actor in our network can strive

Why we do it

Community empowerment

Because we want to empower underbanked or unbanked communities to grow a solid financial foundation

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Community prosperity

Because we want to unleash the value and potential trapped in microeconomies for all participants in Topos network

How we do it

Topos agent network

Topos relies on a B2B2C model leveraging a vast network of agents as the financial beacons in their communities

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Our agents are bankers

They become the bankers of their communities, providing attractive financial services and earning commissions in the process!

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Topos is fully licensed

Topos International Limited is licensed via VFD Microfinance Bank

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Topos Global

Topos Global

Topos Nigeria is part of the Topos Network, operating globally. Visit the Topos Network homepage here.

Our team

Abubakar Hassan - Tech Lead

Abubakar Hassan

Tech Lead

Chidinma Olulade - Customer Support Officer

Chidinma Olulade

Customer Support Officer

Abimbola Ajayi - Settlement Officer

Abimbola Ajayi

Settlement Officer

Favour Nelson - Customer Support Officer

Favour Nelson

Customer Support Officer

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