About us

We are the Bank for one billion people.

One in every seven people in the world is a migrant. Without
a state, the nationless population faces unique challenges to transport, maintain and accumulate wealth. The lack of economic agency has a profound effect on the prosperity of these individuals and their communities. Financial exclusion therefore remains one of the largest impediments to sustained global
peace and prosperity. What’s needed is a different framework for financial inclusion. One which is borderless, transparent and moves grey markets into the white. Topos aims to fill this gap and expand financial inclusion to the growing migrant population.

Topos banking platform provides a transparent set of financial services to the most vulnerable population across the globe.
The world doesn’t need yet another remittance system which would replicate the shortcomings of the existing ones. It needs a fresh, holistic, and fair approach. That is why we are looking beyond systems for transferring money and thinking principally about ways to protect it; coupling policy with value and community governance for shared benefit.

We built an economic ecosystem which is owned and digitally-governed by its users. It is a unique solution for equitable financial inclusion, tailored to the needs of millions of stateless people in the 21st century.

We’re working with some of the most innovative people in traditional industries who have been looking at breaking down boundaries. Both the development and the financial worlds are filled with brilliant people who are frustrated by the current system. With a different approach based on decentralising
governance, risk as well as benefit, we believe the time is right to give the most vulnerable population, financial tools they need to become more resilient.